Dr. Kinsora has been practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1992.  The practice is now limited to neuropsychological assessment.

​​The vast majority of our referrals come from neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other medical specialties.  However, we also work on complex medical-legal cases and cases pertaining to worker's compensation claims, and disability benefits.  Our medical-legal forensic cases involve the assessments pertaining to both civil and criminal proceedings. 

Patients referred to our clinic for neuropsychological evaluation are diagnosed with neurological disorders ranging from genetic disorders (such as Williams syndrome, Angleman syndrome, and Fragile X syndrome) and neurodevelopmental conditions, such as ADHD, high functioning autism spectrum disorder (Asperger's), fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and learning disorders, to traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson's disease, Lewy body disease, primary progressive aphasia, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurologic conditions.  

Since 2004, Dr. Kinsora, as a partner in Sports Concussion Specialists of Nevada, oversees the concussion management program​​ for high schools in Nevada, consulting on hundreds of sports-related concussions per year.


As a formally trained neuropsychologist, Dr. Kinsora adheres to findings in neuroscience research to guide his assessment of cognition.  Although each assessment is customized to the patient, an assessment of cognition may evaluate such areas as:

- Intellectual capacity
- Academic achievement​
- ​simple attentional buffering
- concentration (mental tracking, mental manipulation)
- processing speed
- sustained attention
- reaction time​
- expressive language
- receptive language
- abstract reasoning
- spatial processing/construction
- memory/new learning
- executive control
- self regulatory skills
- deductive reasoning
- response inhibition
- motor speed/strength/fine motor dexterity
- visual field sensitivity
- tactile perception
- olfactory functioning
- personality functioning

OBLIGATORY FINE PRINT: Each neuropsychologist at Center for Applied Neuroscience operates completely independently.  Only Dr. Kinsora is responsible for the contents of this website.  Any opinions offered here may or may not represent the opinions held by other neuroscience specialists at the Center for Applied Neuroscience clinic. Center for Applied Neuroscience is simply a name given to our collective shared space of neuroscience specialists and is not a legal entity, corporation, or legal partnership.
Specializing in the assessment of cognitive processing
     in patients with neurological disorders,
       acquired brain injury, and  sports related concussions.

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Thomas F. Kinsora, Ph.D.
          Clinical Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologist, Dr. Kinsora, 
​Expert Witness, Brain Injury.